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Democracy and the Arts in the Contemporary Hispanic World, Universitat de Birmingham
per Elisenda Marcer Cortés - Thursday, 12 December 2013, 13:21

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Si us interessa, encara podeu presentar una proposta de comunicació al congrés ‘Democracy and the Arts in the Contemporary Hispanic World’, que tindrà lloc a la Universitat de Birmingham els dies 25 i 27 de juny de 2014.





Provisional Dates

25-27 June 2014


The last decades of the 20th Century saw important political changes in many countries including a significant number of those in the Hispanic World.  In Europe, in the mid 1970s, both Portugal and Spain saw the end of long-lasting dictatorships and the creation of new democratic states.  In the following decades, South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay, for example, slowly moved towards the establishment of civilian democratic rule while others like Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela showed greater signs of instability as political institutions sought to respond to both processes of internal change and external influence.  In these, and many other countries, the arts have played a significant role during times of oppression and dictatorship, a role which changes with the change in the political landscape.

During the same period, there has been a growing interest, in academic and cultural spheres, in the nature of democratic societies and, specifically, in the contribution which the arts make to democracy. Artistic activity which takes place against an oppressive regime may often seem to have a clearer, or more obvious, purpose than that practiced within the freedom offered by democratic rule. The purpose of this conference is to explore in detail the many facets of the complex relationship between democracy and the arts in the last quarter of the 20th C. and the early years of the 21st within the Hispanic world.  Proposals are invited for papers which either highlight the relationship between any branch of the arts (visual arts, photography, cinema, literature, theatre, street art, music, etc.)  and the development or maintenance of democracy in the context of any community in the Hispanic world or which explore in depth theories of the role of the arts in a democratic society.  Papers will be accepted in any Iberian language. Topics, which may be of general interest or focussed on the work of individual artists or writers might include amongst others:

  • Aesthetics and Politics
  • The Arts and Social Purpose
  • The Arts and Social Awareness
  • The Arts and Community
  • The Arts and Citizenship
  • Arts funding
  • Publishing
  • New Media

Proposals for papers (up to 300 words) should be sent to by 20th December 2013.



Elisenda Marcer