Imatge Josep Cru Talaveron
Prof. Brian Epps a Durham
per Josep Cru Talaveron - Friday, 11 January 2013, 16:10


Només unes línies fer informar-vos que el professor Brad Epps passarà aquest semestre que comença ara a la Universitat de Durham com a professor convidat. Durant la seva estada farà les següents conferències:

21st January (1PM, seminar room Cosin's Hall, IAS). IAS

SEMINAR: ‘Apocalypse Then: Destruction, 'Revelation' and the Framing of Historical Time in Catalan Film under Franco’ (

31st January (5 PM, room TBC). LESLIE BROOKS LECTURE
 'The Space of the Vampire: Materiality and Disappearance in the Films of Iván Zulueta' (more info coming soon

19th February 2013 (5.15pm, Kenworthy Hall St Mary's College).
IAS LECTURE/FORMS OF TIME SERIES 'Temporality, Territoriality, and Language: Barcelona and Cinema'  (

28th February 2013 (5PM room TBC)
CULTURE AND DIFFERENCE. Contribution to workshop: 'Queer Sexualities in Contemporary Spanish Film and Popular Culture'  (


Brad Epps is currently a Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality at Harvard University. His stay at Durham is a significant step for him because he will be  moving more permanently to the UK in the summer, after 20 years at Harvard, to be Head of  Spanish and Portuguese Studies at Cambridge. While at Durham, Professor Epps will be working on a theoretically informed cultural history of the city of Barcelona in film and other time-based media in accordance with the annual IAS subtheme of 'scaling time'.  He is particularly interested in how the passing, memorialisation, and monumentalisation of time in the Catalan capital are represented in film and how cinematic technique, filmic form, and industrial materiality have themselves changed over time. 
Josep (Durham i Newcastle)