Imatge Ester Pou
per Ester Pou - Saturday, 21 January 2012, 00:21

Dr. Pilar Godayol (Universitat de Vic)

will offer the following seminar:

Tuesday 24   January,  6pm, ArtsOne, Room 1.28

This seminar looks at the intersection between gender studies and translation studies along three lines of study: I) “Theoretical origins: gender definitions, metaphors and myths in the feminine”, a section covering the main theoretical sources that have dealt with the intersection of gender and translation over recent years, either conceptually or metaphorically, II) “Historiographic research: ‘recovery and commentary’ of women translators and feminist authors”, an analysis of works that have rediscovered women translators and their writings, and have transferred classic feminist texts to other languages, III) “Translation practices: feminine affinities and paratextual approaches”, an approach to various experiences of translation practice based on the relationship between the woman translator and the author. Finally, the conclusions carry the title “Future perspectives”.

Department of Iberian and Latin American Studies,

Queen Mary, University of London,

School of Languages, Linguistics and Film,