Imatge Mariona Masferrer
Memories Three languages – Three Generations One Country (Queen Mary, University of London)
per Mariona Masferrer - Thursday, 11 March 2010, 09:44

The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women Writers and the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory are delighted to present an afternoon of readings by three writers representing the three romance languages of the Spanish Peninsula. Catalan poet Montserrat Abelló, Spanish cultural historian Lala Isla and Galician novelist María Reimóndez, will be reading from recent works treating the theme of memories. Three different ways of narrating - poetry, cultural history/ autobiography and the novel - will be represented by these three women; three generations of women who grew up during very different political and social eras in Spain; three generation of women who will be reflecting on those different times through their writing and memories.

Catalan poet Montserrat Abelló (1918) has just won the Premi d'Honor de les letres Catalanes being the first woman poet to win such a prestigious literary prize. She has been publishing her own poems since the 1960s and has also edited several anthologies of women’s poetry. Spanish cultural historian Lala Isla (1947) runs workshops with Spanish refugees, exiles and emigrants from Spain, part of Historytalk. She has produced films on the theme of the exiled of the Spansih Civil War. She published her autobiographical book Londres, pastel sin receta in 2002 and has recently finished a second book which will be published shortly. María Reimóndez (1975) is a Galician novelist, as well as a translator and interpreter. She published her first novel Moda galega in 2002. Her novel O club da calceta (2006) has been translated into a number of languages and been adapted as both a theatrical piece and a film. She writes for a number of Galician newspapers.

Notícia enviada per l'Ester Pou, professora de català a la Queen Mary, University of London.